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Floor three broad categories, that kind of good care?
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The floor industry of our country now basically divides into 3 kinds, PVC, wood floor, marble floor; From the current market to look at these three of the heat difference not far, the advantages are different from each other! Today we talk about the three floor that kind of good do, first of all our PVC material floor PVC products have a good advantage, PVC material corrosion usually do good only need a hoover once again to have a stubborn stains scrub. Dali is because the material surface light feeling is very strong, smoothness is also very high average household do basic we use mop once, but very bad after is dragged through a might dirty water will adhere to the above, because of the light and shadow no Angle can't see. But after the water is dry, the water molecules are left with the remaining non-evaporable stains, so we need to mop the dry mop directly.

Generally speaking, the floor of PVC and marble slabs can be accepted. It may be better to take care of PVC in the later stage. However, the marble has the advantage of shining light and shadow, let's talk about today's highlight wood floor. Why this is a big deal, because in 2012, the Chinese wood and wood products circulation association drafted a copy of the industry standard for wood floor cleaners. It is important to a lot of friends will feel this represents the wood floor more and more specification more and more good quality is higher and higher, I more and more specifications, there is no denying that wooden floor industry is becoming more and more good but more and more high quality this sub-set. Because wooden floor is not corrosion resistance so our family in cleansing water cleaning are carefully lest wood is bad, so just have the wooden floor cleaner this kind of thing looks like a convenient owner friends, can't from the root to solve the corrosion problem?