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Home decoration focuses on children's safety
- Mar 16, 2018 -

In the home decoration, we have too many things to consider, which causes many parents to neglect the safety of children's home. Can't think said adults children are, from the scientific perspective of this theory is certainly wrong we children's resistance and adaptability are lower than adults so what do you think you are the thing children are not necessarily. Like when we decorate furniture, floor and so on have the irritating odor for children hurt is very big, is not the same as the adult child's resistance there are especially afraid of furniture formaldehyde that kind of harmful material for children will cause irreparable harm; Therefore, we choose to choose the green environmental protection for the children when choosing the decoration materials, as our PVC floor has a great effect on the floor, why not use it?

Use the PVC floor is certainly no harm for children, more important is the color of the PVC material choice is very is very much how you can use warm color PVC for our children bedroom to decorate. The environment can build our children's character, in the warm and quiet environment growth can improve our children's good character! Child bedroom is decorated ma hu not, must choose a few green environmental protection product to undertake decorating!