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PVC foaming board is widely used
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The PVC foaming board is also known as the snowflake board, Andy board. PVC foaming board is a kind of green building materials, widely used. Interior decoration, outdoor hanging wall. China's light industry, as an important industry of the country, has maintained a better development trend. Along with the development of The Times, China's economic development level is obvious, as in the development of economy, technology innovation in promoting technological progress and economic growth in China's status and role is becoming more and more important. With the support of the favorable policies of the country, the light industry situation is very good.

Our country has the world's biggest consumer market, the current urban and rural residents' consumption structure is by necessity to development-oriented consumption, from the material consumption to a service-oriented, from traditional to new consumption upgrading. The demand for rigid demand and upgrading of light industrial products in different groups and regions provides a broad space for industrial development.

PVC foaming board is an important part of China's light industry. PVC foaming board is widely used in cabinet, decoration, building, advertising display board, painting board, silk screen, engraving and so on.