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The difference between PVC resin and plastic products
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Our consumers are not clear PVC rubber we use plastic, what is the difference between normal and will use the nature of the plastic to deny PVC and toxic substances are not on environmental protection, such as error label! This is obviously wrong in our industry, PVC rubber material is renewable green energy materials and plastic is more pollution, white pollution!

The state also has corresponding measures for the environmental protection of plastic, which is the policy for this hidden danger. Now, though, it seems that the country knows how difficult it is to get this kind of non-degradable waste, but the plastic-limiting order does not seem to work today. The most regrettable is the white pollution is still in the fierce development is very terrible! In 2017, the market is no longer under the supervision of plastic bags, which has led to the fact that the frequency of ordinary plastic bags has not decreased. In very much so we found that the plastic bags in supermarket, a few cents to buy a bag can this is a very terrible thing this logo to white pollution in China are not yet common actually believe this is a trivial matter! In today's social logistics industry, rapid development, white pollution is more than plastic bags; Plastic bags, plastic bags, and boxes of white pollution are mostly non-biodegradable and the only way to deal with it is to burn and exhaust gases which are too stressful for ambient air.

More than 10 years of restrictions have not been achieved, only limited the number of plastic shopping bags, but the white pollution products in recent years are increasing rapidly. Although there is a lot of blind spots in the restrictions, protecting the environment should be something that every citizen should popularize.