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The difference between the acrylic and organic glass
- Mar 16, 2018 -

It's pmma, polymethacrylic acid resin. The quality is called acrylic (acrylic), and the bad (cracked and re-cast) is called plexiglass. It's all the same material but it's a different quality, it's not strictly defined. That means the good plexiglass is the pressure, the bad acrylic is the plexiglass.

This is the advertising industry. In terms of name, plexiglass is a transparent resin (plastic) similar to glass, and acrylic is the English translation of acryl (polymethacrylate resin), which is more strictly defined as a single species.

Materials, production process, some difference between the price gap is big also, generally people think they are the same, in fact, there is a difference between domestic called organic glass, imported is yakeli, some people think only the difference of transliteration, actually otherwise, both in quality and life of wear-resisting degree, there are some differences, acrylic comparing with rich, organic glass... If it's propaganda, use organic glass, right? It's basically the same thing