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The formaldehyde emission standard of man-made board is raised again.
- Mar 16, 2018 -

In the home decoration market of our country the floor product that the man-made board makes is very much, the floor that man-made board produces is not like the floor of PVC material can be less than negligible. So our country to man-made board formaldehyde index regulation is very strict, compared with current speak will be launched in May, 2018 "interior decoration decorates material man-made board and its made of formaldehyde to release a set limit to" articles in the standard for the limited release of formaldehyde and has a lot of ascension, documents specified in the formaldehyde release limit of 0.124 mg/m3. We can talk about the new standard of formaldehyde release in May, and the home floor market may undergo another shuffle. But for our consumers, it is definitely good formaldehyde is too bad for the human body.

More important is the national release to test formaldehyde exceeds bid, the more advanced test way to cancel the previous method of dryer, perforation extraction all use in line with international standards of '1 m3 climate box method that can accurately detect the formaldehyde content; Although our country to formaldehyde standard in ceaseless debugging increases, but the formaldehyde of man-made board can say can not be compared with PVC floor to compare material to decide everything! PVC floor use is green environmental protection and renewable resins raw material, the formaldehyde content of two kinds of floor is not in a grade at all; So for our family healthy artificial board to use must be according to the state regulations!