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The main characteristic analysis of PVC floor
- Mar 16, 2018 -

PVC floor began to enter China from the beginning of the 20th century, and in recent years, the industrial decoration market has begun to show gradually into the eyes of our respective owners. However, due to some wrong ideas, our owners have some misconceptions about the floor of PVC, and then we will analyze the characteristics of it.

1. Zero formaldehyde is not harmful.

PVC contains many of our products, such as we often use, transparent film, water bottles, slippers, and other things like our industrial supplies such as water pipes, wire and cable, packaging film, etc. But the production of floor PVC USES special industry and our resin stabilizer and so on green safe material is made, without formaldehyde is also a green and renewable product.

2. Good elasticity

Its elasticity is specially made by using resin material in high temperature environment. The resin material itself is very elastic and has a high flexibility. So as long as it is PVC floor its flexibility is unquestionable, the floor that has flexibility is compared with our traditional wood floor and marble floor all advantage is big too much.

3, the price is

PVC floor price performance is very high, from the general market. It's at least three times cheaper than traditional floor materials! And we have many advantages of PVC material such as wear-resisting, long service life, anti-slip and anti-fall!

It can be said that PVC floor has developed to today it is very high cost performance.