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Why is the life of PVC floor so long?
- Mar 16, 2018 -

PVC floor has become popular in the domestic market, and now more and more home decoration market is also used PVC floor. Because of its advantages compared with other traditional floor we now are too big, we must first understand the PVC floor is a kind of adding polyvinyl chloride from various resins and other stabilizers under the condition of high temperature after a material made of a special process. Green renewable is its biggest label, it has other advantages such as the color of the product, the texture, the surface treatment is glossy but anti-skid! The cleaning is very convenient, the price is different from other floors and the PVC is three times cheaper than other materials!

That's the biggest reason we've chosen it, but there are plenty of owners who are asking if they're not going to use it.

First of all, we want to make sure the source of the problem is the thickness of the thin thickness of the floor the truth PVC let any don't understand the service life of the people will think it will be very short, but it is interesting to note the result is really is on the contrary; PVC floor looking thin layer but it has a specially technology into a more transparent wear-resisting layer is a layer of this stuff, the service life of the PVC floor started 15 years of course it also depends on wear-resisting layer thickness, the wear-resisting layer of almost 0.55 m also can ensure the service life of eight years!