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18 Years Of PVC Development Trend
- Mar 16, 2018 -

In the last 17 years, new retail, artificial intelligence these are the themes of the past year. In all walks of life, the strong capital of the capital has taken over the Internet platform, resulting in a very large increase in the cost of the industry; How to define the New Year development direction for our PVC manufacturers. Especially in our current awkward situation, the cost is pulled high but the price does not rise!

Since the establishment of the central environmental protection inspection team in January, 2016, many labor-intensive production industries in the country have been subject to environmental protection. In particular, our small and medium-sized manufacturers are not exceeding the standard of pollution, and there are basically no more than the standard. Environmental protection must be strictly enforced. From these decisions, it is not hard to see the state's efforts and determination to protect the environment. Environmental protection will be the first element of manufacturing in 18 years.

For our PVC products, this is a very good news. The sheet materials we produced have basically the ability of green and environmental protection. The protection of the environment is incomparable, as long as we continuously develop better and continuously create more green PVC products, it will be a great opportunity for us PVC manufacturers!