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ABS Sheet Production Process
- Aug 21, 2018 -

1. dry. abs cloth has robust hygroscopicity and desires to dry raw materials. if the raw fabric contains an excessive amount of water, it's going to affect the following manner. dry ought to be aware of the use of around 85 ℃ temperature, time of now not much less than 2 hours.

2. extrusion. there may be a sure difference inside the float price of abs uncooked materials, even supposing the same manufacturer is the same emblem, so the temperature of abs extrusion should be nicely controlled. endorsed studying: a brief discussion at the identification of actual and pretend abs forums

Filter out. filter the impurities within the fabric with a strainer. new materials can be made with two layers of filters, whilst compound ingredients require 3 layers of filters. care should also be taken to prevent excessive temperature throughout filtration.

Four. mould head molding. usually, the gap of the die lip need to be increased by way of 10% in step with the thickness of the abs plate required. however inside the real manufacturing process desires to make steady adjustment in keeping with the scenario at that time. the temperature of the die head usually at about 230 ℃. interest must be paid to the department of the temperature difference is not any extra than 15 ℃, otherwise the board length is too big or too small.

5. three rollers calendering. the board that die out within the sharpening roll cooling, the primary roll temperature about eighty three ℃, the second roll temperature about 87 ℃, the third curler temperature at about 100 ℃.

6. traction. traction speed is slightly slower than three rolls.

7. packaging. the abs board is packed with paper-plastic composite material for its outer layer and pe movie for its inner layer.