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Application Difference Between PC Board And Acrylic Board
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The chemical name of the acrylic board is polymethyl methacrylate. Important optical plastics, good comprehensive properties and optical properties, transparency can be comparable to optical glass, almost cannot absorb all wavelengths of visible light, light transmittance > 91%, good gloss, light and strong, forming good workability, good chemical resistance and weatherability, defect is low easy cut surface hardness, water absorption expansion easily, can make the optical lens and industrial lens.

PC board impact toughness (top of thermoplastic), high heat resistance, good cold resistance, bending, tensile strength and nylon equivalent, higher elongation and elastic modulus, dimensional stability, wear resistance and nylon equivalent, corrosion resistance, high transparency, but easy to crack. Often used to make gears, bearings, colorless transparent PC can be used to make aircraft, car windshields. In particular, the new products of juyou include endurance board, sunshine board, PC board, PC sun board and PC endurance board.

Both of them are transparent plastics. In the case of the same thickness and the same raw material particles, the light transmittance of acrylic plates is 2-3% higher than PC, both of which are close to 90%. It is not easy to distinguish them with the naked eye. However, since they are two materials, there are four differences:

1. Heat resistance, temperature resistance and weather resistance: acrylic plates are easy to soften when reaching 70 degrees, while PC is 120 degrees. Therefore, PC is more resistant to temperature and heat, and the working temperature is more widely applied

2. Impact resistance, impact resistance, and strength index: the same thickness, the impact strength of PC is 30-50 times of acrylic plates. The thick PC plates at the beginning of 6mm are bulletproof materials.

3. Fire resistance and fire resistance: PC is a flame retardant material, belonging to class B flame retardant (rated ul94-v2 in international). As one of the plastics self-extinguishing, it is not easy to burn, while the acrylic board is not flame retardant.

4. Environmental protection: PC is a kind of environmental-friendly plastic, while some of the properties of the acrylic board cannot reach the level, so some foreign fields have already eliminated the use of the acrylic board, and the application of the acrylic board will be gradually popularized in China. Although China is a big country of the acrylic board, the production of high value-added acrylic board is very few, and all depend on imports.