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Briefly Describe The Advantages Of PVC Material
- Dec 03, 2018 -

      PVC foam board installation and construction is relatively fast, no cement mortar, can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, maintenance-free, not afraid of water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical substances, generally cleaned with a wet mop, saving time and effort. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

      Strong decoration: PVC foam board has a lot of color varieties, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood floor pattern, etc., the grain is realistic and beautiful, the color is rich and beautiful, and the cutting and splicing is simple and easy. With different decorative styles and full use of their own creativity and imagination, they can fully meet the needs of designers and different users.

      Wide range of applications: Due to the unique material and super performance of PVC foam board, coupled with convenient paving, quick construction, reasonable price and high safety, it is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports venues, entertainment. Occasionally, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other public places and individual families.

      Environmental protection and safety: The main raw materials used in PVC foam board are polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate. Polyvinyl chloride and calcium carbonate are environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources, non-toxic and non-radiative. PVC foam board manufacturers share the decorative materials, hope that simple sharing can help you.