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Checking Method For Voltage Withstand Performance Of Insulated Panels
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Checking method for voltage withstand performance of insulated panels:

Each insulation adhesive plate shall be checked with voltage withstand capability. The inspection method is to place the insulating plate on a frame covered with a metal plate (commonly available aluminum plate), place a metal plate with each side less than 10 cm on the top of the insulating plate, place an electrode connected with the transformer on the metal plate, and connect the other electrode to the other side of the insulating plate, and then rise at a speed of about 1000 V/s. To check the voltage required for inspection, continuous 1min and record the reading on the Ma Ma meter. No breakdown is standard. Inspection inspection when high voltage breakdown of the insulation board, in the hole allowed to patch, but after the patch must be carried out from the new withstand voltage inspection, qualified to use, and can only be used as secondary products.

1. Heat-resistant insulating rubber pad, insulating rubber board glossy black, red, green and other unique products with higher hardness, better heat resistance. It can occur in the medium of steam, hot air and so on under the condition of temperature between - 30 ~ + 100 C and half pressure.

Product uses: suitable for punching various types of washers and heat insulation backing plate. Acid and alkali resistant insulating board, insulating pad glossy black, red, green and other products unique place: with higher hardness, acid and alkali resistance. It can be applied in acid (alkali) liquids with temperatures between -30~+60 and 20 one hundred percent.

The product can be used for punching all kinds of washers and various rigid equipment.

2. Oil-resistant insulating board, insulating rubber mat glossy black, red, green and other unique products with higher hardness, better solvent-tightening resistance. It can be used in oil, transformer oil, fuel and other media at -30~+100 C. The product is suitable for use in punching all kinds of washers.

3. Flame-retardant rubber sheet glossy black products unique place with a beautiful delayed fire, low flame spread speed, from the fire extinguishing unique place. The product can be used for the repair of high temperature flammable background.

The neoprene rubber sheet has fine and ingenious heat aging resistance, which can be used in electronic and thermal aging sites and can be used as oil-resistant materials.

PVC board, insulation board, fireproof board.