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Difference Between Color PVC Board And Ordinary PVC Foam Board
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Before we say the difference between them, we must first understand the two products.

The so-called color PVC board advertising market is divided into several categories:

1, the white PVC surface is covered with a thin layer of color reflective film, which can achieve the effect of color quickly.

2, another color PVC board is a colored acrylic surface pasted on the surface of the white PVC board.

3, the last kind of color PVC board is the individual superior PVC board manufacturers through technical means and color adjustment in order to achieve color effect, the product is called one color, is also the market customer said full color PVC foam board.

Ordinary PVC board is what our advertisers often say white low density advertising PVC board, low price, poor quality, short life.

In recent years, due to the state's emphasis on environmental protection, the industries that are harmful to the environment have been restricted: for example, the chemical industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei has been tightly regulated recently, and the advertising industry has to be careful and careful in spraying paint, which is a huge blow to the white PVC board customers who want to spray paint; but in the crisis, there is another opportunity, with all the colors. The color PVC board instead of the white PVC board needs the trouble of painting.

The advantage of color PVC board is that it does not need spray paint, carved directly can be used, complete color, long-term non-fading, no drying!