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Different Applications Of Insulating Sheet Materials In Various Industries
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Insulating board materials have excellent electrical insulation, mechanical properties, thermal stability, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the application of insulation board products is quite extensive, mainly in the following areas of application:

Application in the transportation industry

Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries have made a large number of vehicles that think it is appropriate to use insulation board composite materials, involving cars, passenger cars, trains, tractors, Motors, as well as sports vehicles, agricultural vehicles and other types of vehicles, the main insulation board devices cover the following categories:

1. Front and rear guarantee bar, dashboard and so on.

2. Body and Body Components Body Shell, Hard Shell Roof, Floor, Door, Heat Dissipating Gas Barrier Plate, Front End Plate, Baggage Cabin Cover Plate, Sunshade, Insulation Plate Wing Plate, Engine Cover, Headlamp Reflector.

3. Engine hood under the device such as air conditioner shell, hood, intake pipe cover, fan guide ring, heater cover plate, water box devices, brake system devices, as well as battery bracket, engine engine sound insulation board.

Application in railway vehicles

Insulating board Railway vehicle window frame, toilet components, chairs, tea table table, insulation board compartment panel and insulation board roof, etc.

Application in construction projects

1.of the water holding box 2.of the washing products 3.of the cleaning tank 4.of the building model board, and the components of the storage room.

The application of insulating panel products in electrical industry and communication engineering mainly covers the following parts.

Electrical cover: covers electrical switch box, insulation board electrical wiring box, instrument panel cover, etc. 2. electrical components and electrical components: such as insulation board insulator, insulation tools, motor end cover, etc.

Application in bathroom

With the growth of many people's living standards, shower after office has become a part of survival. In the East, 2.2 million households are built or renovated each year, making the construction industry flourish, especially in large bathtubs, bathroom facilities, sinks and other products that are considered appropriate and use insulating sheet materials, and these products are moving towards large-scale and advanced development, insulating sheet composite materials can be made of shower appliances. People enjoy the senses of sight and touch, and the price can compete with ceramic bricks or enamel products, patterns change a lot. Each place is expressed as streamlined beauty, which has become an indispensable part of the future family.