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Green Enterprises Will Definitely Become The Mainstream Of The Market
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Green PVC is sure to become the development trend of PVC industry. Apart from the policy of the state in the past few years, it is important that the national awareness of environmental protection is constantly improving. In particular, the people in the area where the manager is in the haze are more concerned about environmental protection.

Again from our PVC industry all need of the general environment: the need of general PVC is packaging, home building materials. From our home building materials to see the Chinese style of green building projects in the continuous growth, to today the area has been more than 490 million square meters is still increasing. However, from the big data, the energy consumption of building homes in China has become the existence of industrial transportation energy consumption. Environmental protection is urgent!

This green market has huge potential, so we must keep green and green when making PVC. This will be a step that the society must reform at a certain stage in the future. Factory does not discharge harmful material such as more than the provisions of the state of waste water, waste gas, save the limited resources such as water and electricity, in the process of production of PVC products is the most important thing should be eco-friendly pollution-free renewable, it is also the characteristics of PVC with development prospects