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Home Products And PVC Together To Go Green And Environmental Protection
- Mar 16, 2018 -

In recent years, the haze weather has made people feel the importance of environmental protection. We cannot protect our environment and use some green products sooner or later. Our government is also heavily in the implementation of our environmental policy, whether these two years for many manufacturers of very strict environmental protection order or update the electric bus as we work every day. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment! Home decoration industry is no exception.

18 years at the beginning of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the ministry, the ministry, the national standard committee, and jointly issued by state certification and accreditation "about promoting green building materials product standards, certification and identification work guidance of" the book aims to promote China's building materials field to make more outstanding green environmental protection product. The building materials industry is a pillar industry of our national economy. In 16 years, China's building materials industry has reached 7.6 trillion yuan. So really is the power of the building materials production and consumption in our country, but for a long time our building materials factory is difficult to meet the development of green building industry sustainability so countries to present these hard and fast rules.

In the transformation of products, we should have this green and environmental consciousness, like our PVC floor has been connected to the international; From the history of building floors in Europe, it is not hard to see that only the energy-saving and environment-friendly materials like PVC are more popular with our consumers!