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How About PVC Floor?
- Mar 16, 2018 -

PVC floor has entered our country from the 1980s, and has been continuously groping continuously since 2000. So in our early in the 21st century began to have some development looks PVC, 2000 to 2.007 million and then began to gradually enter the beginning of the line of sight of people just in the coastal cities are recognized the reason is that the water proofing property and corrosion resistance of PVC floor, coastal cities are easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp for wooden floor has a very strong lethality. So a lot of people go back to the second use of PVC but after the use of the response is ok! Until 2008, the whole world was focused on China, our political and cultural center, Beijing. The beginning of the Olympic Games is destined for the PVC floor and our nest will be together with our country to let the world see made in China! PVC flexible plastic sports floor made of PVC material is the floor of the Olympic Games, it is safe to protect our athletes in the above wanton to spend many years to develop the skills!

After the Olympic Games of our PVC plastic floor is recognised by the recognition of the industry and business, since our PVC flooring industry has entered a rapid development, more and more kindergartens, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers are choose use PVC floor for tooling; After these years of continuous practice I believe that PVC floor will be brilliant future!