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How To Lay Welding PVC Boards?
- Nov 02, 2018 -

PVC board, also known as decorative film, adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries. Among them, building materials industry accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 60%, followed by packaging industry, and a number of other small-scale applications.

The PVC boards should be placed for more than 24 hours at the construction site. The temperature of the plastic sheet can be kept in accordance with the indoor temperature, so as to reduce the material deformation caused by the temperature difference. Use professional trimming device to cut the edge of PVC sheet with heavy pressure. When the width of cutting on both sides should not be less than 1 cm for the laying of PVC plastic sheets, overlapping cutting should be adopted at all material interfaces. The width of the general overlap should not be less than 3 cm. According to different boards, special glue and glue scrapers should be used. When laying the PVC sheet, roll up one end of the sheet, clean the back and front of the PVC sheet, and then scrape the special glue onto the floor. The glue must be uniform and not too thick. The use of different binders is quite different. Specific glue should be selected according to the instructions of the product.

The slotting of the PVC board after laying should be carried out after 24 hours. Use special slotting device to slotted at the joint of PVC plate. For the sake of soldering, the depth of slotting should be 2/3 of the thickness of PVC sheet. Before welding, dust and debris in the tank should be thoroughly removed.

Finally, PVC plates should be cleaned after completion or before use. But it must be 48 hours after the PVC board is laid. PVC after the construction of the panel, it should be cleaned or vacuumed in time. Neutral detergent is recommended to clean all the dirt. For example, the surface of PVC is dirty. It is recommended to use the washing machine with red abrasive plates.