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How To Solve The Problem Of Edging Of PVC Foam Board?
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Pvc foam board is an advertising material often used in the advertising industry. How can we solve the problem of burrs during the engraving process?

    First, the material itself is raw, the normal raw edges can be handled well. If it is a large-scale and large-area engraving, we must consider the material.

    Solution: Whether the quality of the material used is too good, pvc foam board requires the use of material quality to meet the requirements, using the products of regular manufacturers.

   Second, the problem of the tool, the tool has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in the knife can not work sharply.

Solution: Regularly change the tool, select the appropriate tool engraving, pay attention to the observation when engraving, such a situation should be replaced in time, the general tool needs regular replacement inspection.

  Third, the direction of the engraving has changed.

    Solution: Change the direction of engraving in the software. The method of cutting the right angle of the pvc foam board is to use the flat-bottomed knife to make the surface engraving. After the engraving, change the straight knife for cutting! The machining is done with two types of tools. Some customers do not require the edge of the knife is usually cut with a sharp knife to cut a knife, eliminating the trouble of changing the knife in the middle of the reason for cutting out the angle, the customer requires straight edge, then you must use two kinds of tools, sharp knife carving straight knife cutting.