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Introduction Of Molding Process Of Pvc Hard Board
- Nov 20, 2018 -

 PVC hard board has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and certain mechanical strength; after secondary processing, it can be made into sulfuric acid (hydrochloric acid) tank (tank); medical empty needle holder, chemical processing frame; public toilet Water tank; template for processing products, decorative panels, exhaust ducts, equipment linings and other special-shaped products and containers. It is an ideal material for chemical, building materials, decoration and other industries. The processing process of pvc hard board is:

    Ingredients and mixing processes. The quality of the PVC mixture preparation directly affects the extrusion speed, process parameters and product quality of the extruder, so this process should be strictly controlled. When batching, each component of the formula should be accurately measured to prevent the actual formulation from being changed due to large errors in the measurement, thereby increasing the difficulty of quality analysis and quality control. This is often overlooked in the actual production process and should be given enough attention.

    1. Mixing temperature. Mixing is generally carried out in a high speed mixer. The material is heated at high speed in the mixer, and temperature control is important during the mixing process. Temperature control should pay attention to two points: First, after the PVC resin and additives are put into the mixer, they are immediately stirred and heated by friction. When the temperature reaches 120T, the material can be discharged into the cold mixing machine. Second, the hot mixture is cold. Mixing in the mixer for a certain period of time, when the material temperature is lower than 45, the cold mixer gate can be opened.

  2, mixing time. The material undergoes processes such as density change, uniformity, and partial gelation during the mixing process, while removing moisture and volatiles from the material, which takes a certain amount of time to complete. If the mixing time is too short, the extrusion processing will become difficult, the material melting time will be long, and the product quality will be deteriorated; if the mixing time is too long, the temperature will rise too high, which will easily cause discoloration and decomposition of the material, and consume more energy and production efficiency. low.

    3. Feeding sequence. There are many components of pvc hard board. It is very important to choose a reasonable feeding sequence. The order of feeding should be beneficial to the function of the auxiliary agent, avoid the anti-effect between the additives, and help to increase the dispersion speed. Typical hot and cold mixing process.

    1. The PVC resin is first heated in a high-speed mixer to a temperature of 60.

    2. Put in the stabilizer and continue to heat up to 90.

    3. Input internal lubricants, processing aids, impact modifiers, fillers, colorants, etc.

    4. Inject the external lubricant and continue to heat up to 115 ~ 120T.