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Is There Any Advantage In 3D Printing Processing On PVC Foam Board?
- Dec 31, 2018 -

The processing advantages on the PVC foam board are very obvious. It can be printed one by one, and there is no need to make plates, no need to produce film, low cost, and small-volume product printing, which can reduce personnel costs. Different from screen printing, silk screen printing has to go through multiple sets of colors and contrast colors, so it can be used as an advertising display board, and the printer does not need to be so troublesome. The 3D flatbed printer does not need to be colored, mainly in professional display. Just the color, can perfectly display the color, to achieve amazing, stunning printing effect.

PVC foam board printed by 3D flatbed printers is widely used in various industries and conforms to the trend. For home use applications: wardrobes, sliding doors, bathroom cabinets, wall cabinets, cabinets, partitions, ceiling ceilings, art tiles, etc. Advertising categories include: signs, signs, display boards, signboards, display stands, light boxes, etc.