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PP Board Has Good Surface Stiffness And Scratch Resistance.
- Oct 26, 2018 -

We all know that the higher the surface stiffness of polypropylene with the increase of the content, and the better the scratch resistance, so can be used in a variety of occasions, these are the ultimate advantages it can bring. In order to improve its surface stiffness and flexibility, we will add polyethylene to the PP board.

The PP board sold on the market can be quickly improved in heat resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength by adding polyethylene to form polymers, so it can naturally bring a better performance guarantee. Of course, it's important to make better choices, and the benefits it can ultimately bring will be even more prominent, so the guarantees will be better.

In general, PP board has good surface stiffness and scratch resistance, and the effect is better after adding some glass fiber. Polypropylene boards of different classifications have a common specificity, so they can be used at any time as one of the best engineering plastics to provide more support for the production of various equipment.