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PVC Board Practical Building Materials Preferred
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The ceiling is composed of decorative plates, keels, hanging wires and other materials. It can be changed frequently according to the needs. It is a very convenient household item. According to the material of the decorative board, the ceiling can be divided into gypsum board ceiling, metal plate ceiling, glass ceiling, PVC board ceiling, etc. The gypsum board is relatively cheap, the PVC board is the second, and the metal sheet is the most durable but the price is high. At present, the main use in the home decoration is the aluminum gusset ceiling in the metal plate.

However, pure aluminum is soft, so the aluminum gusset on the market is actually a suspension of aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-manganese alloy and so on. The aluminum-manganese alloy gusset plate has a high hardness, and the aluminum-magnesium alloy adds some brightness while increasing the hardness. Good texture and strong decorative effect. High-quality aluminum-manganese alloy gusset plate is commonly known as stainless aluminum because of its good corrosion resistance.