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PVC Foam Sheet Raw Material
- Jul 13, 2018 -

PVC Foam Sheet Raw material

Annual production of 30,000 tons of CPVC project completed and put into operation in Alashan Economic Development Zone

Recently, Inner Mongolia Chenhongli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. has invested 30,000 tons of CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) special PVC material project in the Alashan Economic Development Zone, which has filled the domestic gap in this field. The project uses new technology to transform the traditional PVC industry, develop new raw materials, realize the high value of PVC industrial process, comprehensive utilization of resources, and deal with the problem of outsourcing of raw materials for downstream CPVC products of enterprises. The cost per ton of special PVC material can save more than 2,000 yuan. .


At present, there are more than 20 companies in the world producing CPVC resin, mainly in the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other countries, all using the water phase method, including Lubrizol, Japan, Deshan, Germany, BASF, France AIFAtochem The CPVC produced by the company has good performance and high quality, occupying the main market of high-end CPVC.

The development and production of CPVC in China started relatively late, and the production mainly adopts the tetrachlorinated solvent process, which belongs to the production process that has been eliminated. In response to this situation, some domestic research institutes have developed advanced water phase suspension production technology and successfully applied it in industrial production.

It is understood that Shanghai chlor-alkali CPVC uses the ethylene method PVC produced by the plant as raw material, and Weifang Gaoxin uses the special PVC powder produced by Shandong Qilu as raw material to produce CPVC. However, compared with CPVC production enterprises in the United States, Japan, Germany, France and other countries, the two companies still have a certain gap, and most of the raw materials still need to rely on imports.


Inner Mongolia Chenhongli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. CPVC project introduced the American Novo Company (Lubo Run) complete process package, using the international advanced UV light water phase suspension process to produce CPVC products. This technology is the most advanced CPVC production technology in the world. The CPVC products produced are outstanding in chemical resistance, temperature resistance and processing performance, and have good market prospects. The main raw materials for production are special PVCs that have been specially treated and screened out. material.


In order to change the status quo of low quality, small scale and dependence on imports in the production of CPVC special PVC materials in China, last year, Inner Mongolia Chenhongli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. organized the enterprise technology center and related engineering and engineering personnel to set up an annual output of 30,000 tons. CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) special PVC material project technology innovation team.

The team consists of 4 professor-level senior engineers, 2 doctors, 1 master, and 4 engineers. It has rich practical experience in chlor-alkali chemical production.

The team used the existing 30,000 tons of PVC old equipment to improve the dispersion and anti-fisheye systems through technical transformation, changing the amount of additives and adding special additives in the suspension polymerization process to improve the particle size and average of PVC resin. Product properties such as degree of polymerization, apparent density, and thermal stability have been verified by extensive testing to produce special resin materials that can be used to produce high-end aqueous phase CPVC.


Inner Mongolia Chenhongli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Annual production of 30,000 tons of CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) special PVC material project through the previous technical transformation on April 28 this year, through the first 15 materials test analysis and data collection The screened PVC special material index is close to the special material level provided by American Novo Company.

At the same time, the PVC special materials after screening were used as driving materials for the first phase of 20,000 tons/year CPVC project. On June 9th, the one-time feeding was successful, and the CPVC products produced reached 67.49%, which can completely replace the imported products.

At present, the company is through continuous test verification and data collection, and finally determines the best formula and best process parameters of CPVC special PVC material production process, and strives to reach the level of special material index provided by American Novo Company as soon as possible to make CPVC product quality. It has reached the international advanced level and domestic leading level.