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Several Advantages Of PVC Foam Board
- Dec 04, 2018 -

1. Economic: The overall cost is low.

2. Insulation: The thermal conductivity is 0.06-0.070W/(M.K), and the thermal resistance is about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete.

3, lightweight: dry bulk density of 200-300KG / M3, equivalent to 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 8 of ordinary cement concrete, can reduce the overall load of the building.

4. Pressure resistance: The compressive strength is 0.6-25.0 MPA.

5, integrity: can be cast on site, and the main project is closely combined, no need to leave the gap and vent pipe. PVC foam board

6. Low-elastic shock absorption: The porosity of the PVC foamed board makes it have a low modulus of elasticity, so that it has good absorption and dispersion effects on impact loads.

7. Simple construction: It only needs to use PVC foaming board machine to realize automatic operation. It can realize long-distance transportation with a vertical height of 200 meters, and the workload is 150-300M3/working day.

8. Sound insulation: PVC foam board insulation board contains a large number of independent bubbles, and the distribution is even, the sound absorption capacity is 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete, and has the function of effective sound insulation.

9. Water resistance: The cast-in-place PVC foam board has less water absorption, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, so that it has certain waterproof performance.