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The Advantages Of PVC Foam Board Are Outstanding
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The advantages of PVC foam board are outstanding

PVC foam sheet production line is a kind of plastic machinery. Take the pvc foam sheet produced by it as an example. In addition to good performance in sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation, it also has many outstanding advantages.

First, the PVC foamed sheet has good flame retardancy and can self-extinguish and prevent fires, making it safe to use. Flame retardancy is the property of a substance or a material that has been treated to delay the spread of flame. This material serves as a guiding role in the selection of the scope of application, especially for building materials, ships, vehicles, home appliances and other materials. PVC foamed sheets also have good flame retardancy, and today they are becoming more and more popular in some fields, such as ceilings.

Second, the PVC foam sheet series products have the properties of moisture-proof, mildew-proof and non-absorbent, and the anti-shock effect is also very good. Sometimes, after a clean ceiling at home, there is a mildew and blackness, which is very helpless. The PVC foaming sheet series does not absorb water, not only can prevent moisture and mildew, but more importantly, its anti-shock effect has also been confirmed by relevant experts.

Third, after the various series of PVC foam board products are made of weather resistant formula, the color can be unchanged for a long time and is not easy to age. Each series of PVC foam board products not only maintains color for a long time, but also has an aging degree.