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The Installation Method Of PVC Board
- Aug 09, 2018 -

PVC plate ceiling has many advantages, such as waterproof and moisture-proof, such as easy to install, this should be very good material, and it has been popular in recent years, very environmentally friendly; it is low cost, good decorative effect.

PVC plate ceiling method:

1. according to the design height, the elastic line should be clear and the position is accurate, and its horizontal allowable deviation is + 5mm.

2. to determine the position line of the keel, because each PVC buckle plate is a formed veneer. Generally, it can not be cut again. In order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the ceiling decoration, it is necessary to arrange the size of the structure of the ceiling frame according to the size of the aluminum buckle plate and the size of the ceiling.

3.pvc ceiling fully corrected the position and level of main and secondary keel. Connectors should be installed in dislocation. Inspection of the suspended ceiling skeleton installed should be firm and reliable, in accordance with the relevant specifications before the next step of construction.

The maintenance of PVC board is very convenient. The floor is dirty and can be wiped with mop. If you want to maintain the lasting brightness of the floor, just regular waxing maintenance can be, its maintenance times are far lower than other floors.