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The Processing Methods Of PE Plate
- Nov 05, 2018 -

The main processing methods of PE wear-resistant plate are cutting, bending, opening, welding, plug welding, surface processing and other processing methods. The following is an introduction to the processing method of PE wear-resistant plate.

The cutting of PE wear-resistant board is because different shapes are needed for different uses. It needs plasma cutting or carbon arc cutting or grinding wheel saw to cut PE wear-resistant board into the required shapes. The bending of PE wear-resistant plate means that it is cold-processed and formed to achieve the purpose of bending. Generally, the shape of bending is circular or arc. PE wear-resisting board is also very common, generally installation needs to be opened, opening also needs plasma cutting, but for plasma cutting can not complete the hole to use spark machine tool. Carbon arc cutting can also meet the needs of openings. PE wear resistant plates can be welded to other steel structures. Plug welding is required to pass through holes first and then connect with other steel structures. PE wear-resistant plate surface processing is to wear the PE wear-resistant plate, but also can increase its wear resistance.

The main characteristics of PE sheet are:

PE sheet is odorless, non-toxic, waxy-like, has excellent low temperature resistance (the lowest operating temperature can reach - 70 ~100 C), good chemical stability, resistance to most acid-base corrosion (not resistant to oxidizing acid), insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, low water absorption, good electrical insulation performance, low density, good toughness (the same suitable). Used in low temperature conditions; good tensile property; good electrical and dielectric insulation; low water absorption; low water vapor permeability; good chemical stability; tensile property; non-toxic and harmless. However, PE plates are sensitive to environmental stresses (chemical and Mechanical) and have poor thermal aging resistance.

Application scope of PE sheet

Medical appliances components, seals, cutting boards, sliding profiles. Widely used in chemical industry, machinery, chemical industry, power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries. It is widely used in the fields of gas transportation, water supply, sewage discharge, agricultural irrigation, fine particle solid transportation in mines, oil field, chemical industry, post and telecommunications, etc., especially in gas transportation.