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What Are The Requirements For Raw Materials For PVC Foam Board?
- Dec 05, 2018 -

PVC foam board, also known as Chevron board, has good thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, light load bearing and other properties. Due to other insulation materials, it is easy to operate, high degree of mechanization, time saving and labor saving. Do you know the raw material requirements for PVC foam board?

Resin: PVC is generally selected from type 8 resin. The gelation speed is fast during processing, the processing temperature is relatively low, the product quality is stable, and the density is easy to control. In recent years, many manufacturers have replaced them with type 5 resins.


Stabilizer: The selection of stabilizers takes into account the environmental protection and good effect of rare earth stabilizers. However, due to the relatively high price, it has not been promoted. In the future, with the increasing demand for environmental protection, the market of rare earth stabilizers will usher in a bright future. The calcium-zinc stabilizer has a problem of zinc burning and a slightly less stable effect. At present, there are many lead salt stabilizers. The foamed plate has a wide cross section, long flow path and yellow foam decomposition and heat generation. The stabilizer requires high lead content and good stability effect, otherwise the product is prone to various problems. .


Foaming agent: the choice of foaming agent, the foaming agent AC releases a lot of heat during the decomposition process, which tends to cause yellowing in the middle of the section. This requires a certain amount of white foaming agent to be decomposed to absorb excess heat. The foaming agent is required to have a large mesh size to achieve uniform foaming without large cells.


Conditioner: foaming regulator, through years of research and development and improvement, the foaming regulator ACR process technology is more and more sophisticated, the performance quality is more and more stable, the foam board is thick and thin, the thin plate should be plasticized fast, thick The board should use a foaming regulator with high strength of plasticized slow solution.


Lubricants: The selection of lubricants follows the principle of lubrication in the early and middle stages, so that the materials are protected by lubricants at all stages, and the production is stable for a long time without precipitation.


Foaming Aid: In order to improve foaming quality and foam structure during production, a small amount of foaming aid zinc oxide may be added, and aluminum silicate may be added in a small amount to reduce precipitation.


Pigments: In order to achieve a more aesthetic effect, titanium dioxide and fluorescent whitening agents can be added, and antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers can be added for improving weather resistance.


Filler: Light calcium carbonate can be used, no active calcium is needed, and high mesh count is the main choice.