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What Is The ABS Board?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Strengthening technology of ABS plate anchoring technology. In recent years, ABS board anchoring is a new, simple and convenient post-fixing method, which has been widely used in construction.

1.ABS board composition:

The ABS board consists of chemical hose, screw, washer and screw cap.

Screw, washer and screw cap (six corners) usually have two kinds of galvanized steel and stainless steel (or hot dip galvanized as required).

Chemical hoses (or pharmaceutical hoses packaged in molecular compound plastics) include natural resins, curing agents, and quartz particles that respond.

2.Drilling depth of ABS board: The required drilling depth is determined by the type and size of anchor bolt, which is generally greater than the anchoring depth except for a few exceptions.

When drilling, the depth of drilling is controlled. If the use of the corresponding manufacturer's anchor bolt with a matching semi-automatic drilling machine to ensure hole depth (such as the German Huiyu brand anchor bolt with a matching high-tech cone type universal drill FZU drilling, drilling is very convenient.

Anchorage depth:

The distance from the surface of the anchored foundation to the bottom of the screw is a key parameter affecting its bearing capacity. See Figure 2.

Anchorage thickness: the anchorage thickness equals the thickness of the anchored object. If the anchoring foundation is covered by plastering or ceramic brick or insulating layer, the anchoring thickness is at least equal to that of plastering or ceramic brick or insulating layer plus the thickness of the anchored object.