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What Is The Pvc Rigid Sheet?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

PVC is a kind of chemical material, material properties and mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical stability, but low softening point. It is suitable for making thin plate, insulation layer of wire and cable, sealing parts and so on.

English Name: Poly (Vinyl Chloride)

Specific gravity: 1.38 grams / cubic centimeter molding shrinkage: 0.6-1.5% molding temperature: 160-190 C drying conditions: -

Molding performance 1. amorphous material, moisture absorption small, poor fluidity. In order to improve the fluidity, prevent the occurrence of bubbles, plastic can be dry in advance. Mold casting system should be short, gate section should be large, no dead angle. Mould must be cooled, surface chrome plating.

2. Easy to decompose, easy to decompose with steel, copper contact at 200 degrees centigrade, decomposition escape corrosion. Stimulant gas, molding temperature range is small.

3. when the screw injector is used, the diameter of the nozzle should be large enough to avoid dead angle.