• PVC Panels 4x8

    PVC Panels 4x8

    Features: 1. Waterproofing. 2. Heat preservation. 3. Excellent insulated. 4. Non-corrosion. 5. Non-toxic. Applications: 1. Advertising: exhibition display, digital printing, silk screen printing, computer lettering, sign board, light box, etc. 2. Construction: office and...Read More

  • PVC Board 4x8

    PVC Board 4x8

    Features: 1. Sound insulation, sound-absorbing, heat insulation, heat preservation. 2. Flame retardancy, self-extinguishing fire security, safe to use. 3. Moisture proof, mould proof, resistance to acid and alkali, moth-proofing, qualitative light, heat preservation, water...Read More

  • Colored PVC Sheets

    Colored PVC Sheets

    Introduction: Colored PVC sheets is made by PVC resin, added with special additives and extruded at high temperature. It has the sense of wood, but it is harder, smoother and stronger. It is light weight, waterproof, no moisture absorption, no mildew, UV-resist,...Read More

  • White PVC Board

    White PVC Board

    Features: 1. Health, safe and no poisons. 2. Water proof and good resistance to humidity, fire and weather. 3. High hardness and impact resistance. 4. Aging resistance, Good color retention. 5. Light weight and very easy to deliver and store. 6. Excellent fabrication...Read More

  • White PVC Sheet

    White PVC Sheet

    Features: 1. It is a PVC foam sheet using the celuka extrusion process. 2. Fine-celled foam structure. 3. The surface has a solid, smooth outer skin that gives the sheet a silk-gloss finish. 4. The sheets boast low thermal conductivity and therefore offer good thermal and...Read More

  • White PVC Foam Board

    White PVC Foam Board

    Features: 1. Waterproofing. 2. Fire retardant and self-extinguishing. 3. Heat preservation. 4. Sound-insulated. 5. Insulation. Applications: 1. Walls & partitions, wall cladding. 2. Poolside furniture, swimming pool floor planking. 3. Board for Chemical industry and...Read More

  • PVC Foam Board Density

    PVC Foam Board Density

    Features: 1. Light-weight, Easily Transported and Processed. 2. Smooth and Easily Printed and Filmed with kinds of colors. 3. Good Plasticity, Excellent thermoforming material. 4. High Impact and Fireproof. 5. Anti-chemical Corrosion, Non-Toxic. 6. Moisture-proof, Water-proof...Read More

  • PVC Sheet Density

    PVC Sheet Density

    Introduction: PVC sheet is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material. As a new type of material, It is widely used in many fields because of its advantages. Features: 1. Health, safe and no poisons. 2. Water proof and good resistance to humidity, fire and weather. 3. High...Read More

  • PVC Foam Board Weight

    PVC Foam Board Weight

    Introduction: PVC foam board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as AD and Decoration. It made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives. The main material is PVC. So it covers not only features of woodplast, but also very light and can be...Read More

  • High Density PVC Foam Board

    High Density PVC Foam Board

    Introduction: High density PVC foam board is a kind of new material for home furnishing, such as furniture, cabinet, desk chair and building, upholster, advertising, transportation and exhibition, etc. It is heat formable, lead-free, flame retarded, water repellant, chemical...Read More

  • PVC Sheet for Furniture

    PVC Sheet for Furniture

    Introduction: PVC sheet for furniture is considered robust for outdoor use, being immune to rain and resistant to wind and sunlight. furniture, especially for the cabinet in kitchen & bathroom, advertising, traffic and transit, industry, etc. Features: 1. Waterproof 2....Read More

  • WPC Sheet

    WPC Sheet

    Introduction: WPC sheet is made by PVC resin and wood powder (or bamboo power) at a certain ratio, added with special additives and extruded at high temperature, which specially made for formwork application. It is a ideal material for replacing formwork plywood. WPC foam...Read More