• WPC PVC Board

    WPC PVC Board

    Introduction: WPC pvc board made by PVC resin and wood power at a certain ratio, added with other special additives, and extruded at high temperature. WPC sheet has the sense of wood, but it is not easy to be out of shape and have a better screw holding strength. It is harder...Read More

  • WPC Board for Kitchen

    WPC Board for Kitchen

    Introduction: WPC board for kitchen is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as furniture/cabinet boards, construction boards, advertising boards and decoration boards. So it covers not only features of woodplast, but also light, waterproof, eco-friendly and...Read More

  • WPC Foam Sheet

    WPC Foam Sheet

    Introduction: WPC foam sheet is made by PVC resin and wood powder (or bamboo power) at a certain ratio, added with special additives and extruded at high temperature, which specially made for formwork application. It is a ideal material for replacing formwork plywood. WPC...Read More

  • Rigid PVC Sheet

    Rigid PVC Sheet

    Introduction: Rigid PVC sheet is a kind of modern new type packaging material which is produced through extrusion or calendering. It is used for printing, folding, package, tag, cards, cosmetic, costume, headpiece, electric apparatus and hardware, handicrafts, toys and...Read More

  • Clear Rigid PVC Sheet

    Clear Rigid PVC Sheet

    Specifications: Features: 1. Strong & rigid and suitable for chemical engineering 2. Transparent, soft, durable, higher strength, non-toxic 3. UV-protected, anti-corrosion: Alkali proof and acid proof properties, Weld ability 4. Good dielectric strength 5. Sound...Read More

  • Rigid PVC Plastic Sheet

    Rigid PVC Plastic Sheet

    Introduction: Rigid pvc plastic sheet is a non-crystalline material. Rigid pvc plastic sheet is one of the most widely used plastics. Features: 1. Suitable for thermoforming, bending & fabricating 2. Excellent in chemical resistance, ideal material for chemical &...Read More

  • Transparent PVC Rigid Sheet

    Transparent PVC Rigid Sheet

    Specifications: Features: 1. feather light, non-absorb water, fire retardant and self-extinguishing. 2. sound insulation, heat insulation, noise absorption, heat preservation and corrosion prevent in. 3. weather proof, vandal proof, and can be shaped, molded, painted and...Read More

  • PVC Transparent Sheet

    PVC Transparent Sheet

    Features: 1. light weight, good tenacity, high rigidity 2. fireproof and flame retardant 3. good insulation 4. no sopping, no deformation 5. easily to processed 6. good plasticity, being an excellent thermoform material 7. sub-light surface and elegant vision 8. anti-chemical...Read More

  • Clear PVC Sheet

    Clear PVC Sheet

    Features: 1. plastic coating, membrane-stuck and printing 2. with the usual equipment and tools, it can be processed again. 3. welding and bonding 4. cutting and sawing 5. bending when heated-up, thermal forming 6. hole-drilling, Channeling and die cutting 7. nail, wrest and...Read More

  • PVC Clear Sheet

    PVC Clear Sheet

    Features: 1. Perfect transparency. 2. UV-resistant, durable. 3. Water proof. 4. Moderate hardness. 5. Easy to install and clean. Applications: 1. It is widely used in the Packages, Sign, Advertisement, Print , Construction And So on. 2. It is used for vacuum thermoforming...Read More

  • Rigid PVC Film

    Rigid PVC Film

    Features: 1. High light transmission and Anti-crack, 2. Good bending resistance 3. Aging-resistant 4. Easy to saw, cut, turn, drill, plan, mill, grind, screw and so on 4. Weather resistant,water proof, excellent UV resistance 5. Easy thermoformed and fabricated 6. resistant...Read More

  • PVC Film Sheets

    PVC Film Sheets

    Features: 1. Transparent, soft, durable, higher strength, non-toxic 2. UV-protected, anti-corrosion: Alkali proof and acid proof properties, Weld ability 3. Sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation 4. Non-deformation, aging-resistant, color...Read More