PVC Sign Board

Features: 1. Lightweight, good tenacity, high rigidity. 2. Fireproof and flame retardant. 3. Good plasticity, is an excellent thermoform material. 4. Sub-light surface and elegant vision. 5. Anti-chemical corrosion. 6. Suitable for silkscreen printing. Applications: 1. Advertising Signs,...

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Product Details


1.Feather light, non-absorbent, fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

2.Weather proof, vandal proof, non-corrosive, non-toxic and chemical resistant.

3.Can be shaped, molded, painted and screen printed.

4.Tough, rigid with high impact strength.

5.Non-warping and stain proof.


1.Outdoor display, screen printing, digital printing, dimensional signs and sign board.

2.The advertisement sheet for printing, engraving, cutting, sawing.

3.Indoor and outdoor sign board, traffic sign for advertisement or exhibition kiosk.


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